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We are back after making extensive changes to the blog software being used here. Most important among the changes, we got rid of Wordpress and made a commitment to never use Wordpress again. Wordpress is easy to install, but nightmare to maintain with its entire panoply of buggy plugins. Moreover, it sucks up time by failing at the most unfortunate times.

Lior Pachter's Zika Paper

Lynn Yi, Harlod Pimentel and Lior Pachter published a new RNAseq paper that our readers will definitely find interesting. In this paper, the authors showcase the new RNAseq technologies Pachterlab has been developing over the last few years. We covered those components (e.g Kallisto, Sleuth) in earlier posts, but here you can see a biological application to get new insights from already published data.

Ongoing Pacbio bioinformatics meeting (#SMRTBFX)

Readers may keep an eye on #SMRTBFX hashtag on twitter to follow an ongoing conference. This is the best place to know about the latest bioinformatics algorithms on long reads. Gene Myers is again the star of the show. He has been distributing a lot of goodies through his Dazzlerblog, such as -

Qudaich - a Smart Sequence Aligner

Suicide Epidemic: Since NIH-funded Clowns Do Not Want to Discuss It, We Will

A large number of NIH-funded parasites waste taxpayers’ money with the excuse that they are working toward improving the health of Americans. Francis Collins, the head of NIH, uses every opportunity to tell everyone how research funded by NIH helps in improving the life expectancy of Americans (a flat out lie). Yet, when research by Deaton and Case uncovered that the life expectancy of Americans of prime age (45-54) was falling, primarily due to rising suicides, Collins and his minions went completely silent.

Population Genetics of Ancient Jewish Population in India

‘Ancient’ Bene Israel Jews and late-arrived Baghdadi Jews in India started the Bollywood movie industry. Many famous early Indian actresses also came from these communities. This is not common knowledge in India, because those actresses took Muslim (Firoza Begum) or Hindu (Sulochana, Pramila) screen names.

Was Google Really Censoring Elhaik's Khazar Research in 2013?

In 2013, Dr. Elhaik complained about his home page at John Hopkins University mysteriously disappearing from google searches right after his first Jewish genomics paper started to gain attention. We reproduced his complaint here, and then his page came back on top again after a few days.

Transistors, Translation and tRNAs

Organoids and the Coming Medical Revolution - (ii)

Transfer RNAs and Neurodegenerative Disorders

Among all biomolecules within the cell, tRNAs got the least respect. Their supposed importance ended right after the ‘adaptors’ related to entries in the genetic code table were identified (mid-60s). Since then, the attention shifted to more complex RNAs like the rRNAs.

Organoids and the Coming Medical Revolution - (i)

Among various biotechnology inventions of the last few years with potential to revolutionize medicine, nothing excites us more than growing of three- dimensional human organoids on matrigel. Therefore, we plan to devote a number of posts on this topic to keep our readers aware of the practices, potentials and challenges.

The Wall Will be Built and Mexico Will Pay for It

…to stop Americans from flooding their effective and way cheaper healthcare system.

Job Opening - Postdoctoral Scholar: Forest Genomics Database and Software Developer

(From one of our readers)

Jewish Genetics - Forward Magazine Makes Elhaik's Work Go Viral

Epigenetics Debacle - Do You Feel Sad for Sid Mukherjee?

A Graph Extension of the Positional Burrows-Wheeler Transform and its Applications

Geopolitics - Several New Developments Will Define the World in the Coming Decades

Freedom of Speech

Peak Sequencing and 'Moore's Law' Deception

Our earlier article on Illumina’s surprise announcement received a number of informative comments. We like to discuss them here, but first it is important to explain the term ‘peak sequencing’ properly. That explanation requires us to discuss the relevance of using Moore’s law for sequencing.

After Docker

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