How Much Will the Americans Suffer, If NIH Shuts Down?

How Much Will the Americans Suffer, If NIH Shuts Down?

This is the third and final post of our series critically reexamining Francis Collins’ claim that the existence of NIH contributes to health improvement of Americans. Collins used life expectancy at birth as a good measure of success and we do the same.

In the previous two posts (“Francis Collins Admits NIH Under Him Has Been Failing” and “Report from Asia Will Asia Unfollow NIHs Failed Research Model?”), we showed that the life expectancy at birth of USAians is lower than all advanced countries. Even the residents of some countries bombed or wrecked by Americans three or four decades now caught up with USA. However, today’s number will absolutely surprise you.


How much will the life expectancy at birth of Americans fall, if NIH shuts down? To add to the misery, all people of the country (USA) will be placed into slums in an area no more than two times the size of Massachusetts and bombed periodically. The answer is that the life expectancy will fall by only five years. The evidence is here in the life expectancy at birth at Gaza strip -


To understand that the Gaza strip number is not a measurement error, we can also check Lebanon, a country neighboring Israel and Palestine. The life expectancy at birth there is higher than USA.


The above numbers should destroy any myth that NIH and its precision medicine scams contribute to human health. Instead of sending misleading stats to public, Francis Collins should dramatically scale down the wasteful programs starting with shutting down of NHGRI.

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